Valeria’s Last Weeks In The USA – | An Exchange Student Story | Ottoville, Ohio

The first time I met Valeria she had stopped by with my brother (her host father) to ask about purchasing some chicken bbq tickets. Val is an exchange student from Sassair, Italy. At that time, her English was very broken and I’m not sure how much we understood each other. Since then, Val and I have spent several hours together and as we approach her returning to her home, I know I am going to miss her a great deal.


Like most photographers, I love working with  clients who have great  camera presence. Val has made my job easy and fun. But Val is so much more than a beautiful face. This young lady is intelligent and very sweet. She works hard at her school work and her grades show it. She also has such a tremendous love for her family, here and abroad. And as we are growing closer to her flying home, you can tell she misses her family in Italy greatly.

I don’t know how to say goodbye to someone you  have come to care about so much and may never see again. I hope her travels here have given her everything she has hoped for. And I hope someday, I can photograph her again. And maybe spend an the afternoon enjoying each other’s company. Safe travels my dear friend! Carry on.


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