Why Hire A Birth Photographer

When I first heard of birth photography, I imagined pictures of images I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone. I had imagined it was images filled with blood, lots of other fluids, and a vaginal canal. And then after a quick Google  and Pinterest search, I discovered the most beautiful images I have ever set my eyes on.

Birth photography, one of the newest trends in photography, captures more than those last moments when baby is born. But also the moments when baby is born, it is presented in such a beautiful way, you will want to frame and hang on the wall of your nursery. But why hire a birth photographer with everyone today carrying a cell phone to capture the first moments with mom, dad, and baby?

1. The Details

You have thought out this day, probably nearly every detail. Just like your wedding day, you imagined what he or she would look like, how big your baby will be, who will be waiting patiently, or not so patiently, in the waiting room, the tender moment with your partner and baby, and so much more. There are so many details of that day, that often go left uncaptured and then forgotten. You may forget how your partner held your hand while you pushed your little one out. Or may not even see, as they measure the length of your baby. These details, tell the story of your babies birth. dsc_8606 2. So Your Partner Can Be Present & In Pictures

The last thing you want is your partner to be hiding behind a camera in those moments you need him to be at your side. This day is important to the both of you, so why would you want it recorded with your partner not in any of the images. You wouldn’t want your wedding day capture by your groom, so why would you have your partner photograph this important day?


3.  Quality

Often during a birth, the rooms are poorly lit. This makes pictures hard to get for most cameras and cell phones. Professional photographers have the equipment to photograph in dark rooms without the use of distracting flash. And you can be assured, the images will be of much better quality in general than if you had your partner or the nurse take the pictures for you.

4.  How Quickly Your Baby Changes

The “newborn” look of a baby does not last very long. Babies grown and change by the minute. Even in those first moments. 164

5. The Birth of Your Baby is Like a Wedding

Yes, a wedding.! This day is a big one. And you wouldn’t get married without a photographer. . From experience, it will be one of the most unforgettable momentous events you will experience and it only makes sense to have a professional there to photograph it from beginning to end.

After A Long 9 Months

On November 13, 2016, I made my last post on my blog. Two days prior, my daughter Jennifer was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and she spent much of the rest of 2016 and several weeks of 2017 in the hospital. In March, she had a bone marrow transplant. It has been a long process but slowly she is getting better.  And as she gets stronger, I will be able to work more hours again. For now, I am being selective in how many jobs I take each month so I can continue to care for her and keep up. Hopefully by January, I will be back full time once again.

I am currently however accepting weddings for Summer/Fall 2018. I also am accepting lifestyle and birth sessions. Contact me for more information.


Once Upon A Holiday |Holiday Baking|

With the Holidays approaching, many will be baking up their holiday treats with their family! I recall when my children were small and we baked and decorated cookies together in the days following Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I think more  cookie dough ended up on the floor and in our tummies than in the oven.  Those times sure go by fast and I wish I had more pictures of those wonderful times together.

Whether you are spending the holidays baking with your children, picking out a Christmas tree, or even gathered all at grandma’s decorating, let So The Story Goes Photography capture those precious moments for you.

A Sunflower Story |Tecumseh Land Trust|

10 Days prior, this field was in full bloom.  A trip back yesterday after going to the Extravaganza Flea Market in Springfield, we found the flowers no longer full of beautiful yellow petals.  Despite the flowers dying off, we got some beautiful images.

When in the area, also be sure to check out Young’s Jersey Dairy.


Cora Is One | A Look Back |

A year ago, I spent my day with a couple of the most darling little girls as we waited for their sister Cora to be born!  I had previously done Cora’s big sister Charlotte’s birth story, which led to a wonderful friendship with her mom Kristen.

Happy Birthday Cora!