August-Back To School Photography Special $19.95

Best session price of the year! Because BACK TO SCHOOL is expensive!

So in a few weeks, the school’s hired photography company will come in to take pictures of your children.  Little Billy and Susie will be sat down in front of a blue background and given 30 seconds of camera time. After snapping off ONE picture, they will say “NEXT” and their back to school photo will be done until spring. Unless of course your Little Billie or Susie didn’t smile or blinked, then you will get another 30 seconds in a month or so.

And then you will be sent these photos in a big envelope with an order sheet where you can purchase these prints you really don’t care for and pay a ridiculous price for prints. And for the next 6 months that picture will hang on your wall until you replace it with the school’s spring time 30 second session photo.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be there during the session to make sure Little Billy or Susie has their hair combed? Or maybe have a background that isn’t like all the hundreds of other schools kids that came before them? Well here is your chance!

To schedule your August-Back To School Session for the low price of $19.95, click here and we will see you Sunday, August 14 at the Ottoville Park!

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To schedule your August-Back To School Session for the low price of $19.95, click here and we will see you Sunday, August 14 at the Ottoville Park!

Sessions may also be used for families or multiple children. One session per family please. If any sessions are remaining on Saturday, August 13 and you would like a second or third session, we will open those session up.

A Family Story | The Schnipke’s – Ottoville, Ohio |

The Schnipke’s are one of my favorite families I have the opportunity to take pictures of every summer.  Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know Beth & Adam and their three children Quinton, Gretta, and Henry.


Quinton has always been the responsible big brother. He takes good care of his little sister and little brother. When we did Quinton’s little brother Henry’s soccer pictures, Quinton was quick to show his brother how to pose for them.  Wise, smart, and athletic, I never get tired of snapping off a few pictures of him (even though the session was planned for the two younger one’s birthdays and family photos). DSC_2187


Gretta has always been a princess who loves soccer but also can catch her twirling about.  To catch a real smile from her, you better get her to giggle about something, otherwise she will force a cheesy one or give you a completely goofy face. Over the last year, Gretta has grown up so much and come fall she will be headed off to kindergarten. DSC_7141


I think Beth doesn’t mind  girl time with Gretta from time to time however. DSC_1904

I just can’t get over that Henry is 3 years old.  Although he looks so much like his older brother, he has a little orneriness of his sister.  His smile and charm are so captivating, he has nearly everyone he knows wrapped around his little finger. DSC_7066

When you put these three kids together, you get some of the funnest images.  I am never disappointed in my session with the Schnipkes!

Welcome Braelon| Emotions Pulled in All Directions|

Three births in one week, with one in Cleveland and two in the Columbus area makes for one emotional week.  And emotions ran high, during the birth of Baby #3.

I first met Jodi at a Panera in late April.  She had contacted me and hoped to become part of my 21 Birth Days Photography Project.  I recognized her from the pictures of her I had saw on Facebook. She was a fair skinned woman into her third trimester.  With one of her children in toe, she sat down across from me and introduced herself.


I noticed Jodi seemed nervous about this pregnancy as she smile and laughed between her words, as if she hoped it would help her cope with the previous still born she had nearly two years prior and with doctors telling her unborn baby may have some health issues.  As Jodi fidgeted with her hands, she explained she had learned the limbs of her baby were measuring weeks behind where they should.  At that point, genetic testing had been inconclusive but doctors were fearing Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1, which would cause the baby to have fragile bones and even a vaginal birth could cause bones to break.

Jodi continued to undergo testing and was scheduled to deliver at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at thirty-seven weeks, just a few days prior to where her baby hide died in womb two years prior.  As his limbs continues to measure small, doctors again and again came back with no positive results of any genetic diseases.  Although delighted with the results, Jodi decided to still deliver at Nationwide.

Jodi arrived at the hospital at approximately 11:30am and pitocin was started at about 1:30pm.  Jodi had opted to not get an epidural because in her three previous pregnancies, she did not think they worked well for her.  As day fell into night, and pain meds  no longer helping her cope, she changed her mind and decided to try the epidural to relieve some of her pain.  Soon after she received the epidural, Jodi became fully dilated. With a  small push, the nurse attending to Jodi, decided it was time to call in the OB to deliver.

Soon the room was bustling with lots of people in blue and green coats and mask. With Nationwide being a teaching hospital, interns and resident doctors accompanied with  doctors soon filled the room.  A table of obstetric tools on a blue cloth now was uncovered, the bottom part of the bed was lowered, and the heat lamp above the bassinet was turned on. Jodi was instructed to take in a deep breath and let it out and then after breathing in again told to give a push.  With a couple small pushes, Jodi delivered her baby boy shortly before midnight.DSC_6786DSC_6702

Despite the easy delivery and strong heart, her little boy was having some troubles breathing, which we were told is  common for boys born at the 37 week gestation. Jodi watched on with her eyes filled with tears as the pediatrician and the intern worked on the small baby.  As we watched them squeeze the blue filled balloon of air connected to a mask that covered his small face, the child’s chest rose and fell caving deep into his little body. They took breaks every few minutes stirring his body and getting him to cry out.  And after spending several minutes working on him, they laid the baby, who was connected to monitors, on Jodi’s chest.


Tears continued to fall from Jodi’s eyes as she worried about her little boy that laid on her. Her face was filled with both fear and exhaustion and quickly she asked them to take her baby as she wanted him to receive the care he needed. Attempting to insure her they were watching the monitors hooked to him, Jodi wasn’t having it. Soon they picked up his small little body and placed him back under the heat lamp and waited for the NICU transport team to come to her room. The baby boy was transported to the NICU, with making a short stop in the waiting room to meet grandparents.


Because this Columbus, Ohio hospital is over two hours from my home, expenses have been incurred from doing this birth story, including gas, parking, food, etc. a Go Fund Me account has been started to help cover the cost of this Birth Photography Story. Any funds raised above the goal will go to covering future births for the 21 Birth Days Project. No mother is turned away once qualified for the project for inability to pay for services.

Go Fund Me


After speaking to Jodi this morning, the baby boy is still getting care in the NICU and mommy has gotten to hold him for periods of time.  He weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces and is 18 inches long.

For The Love of Dog | A Pet Story |

Our puppy has turned two the beginning of May. Although the youngest of the three, he is the biggest. But acts like a big baby! Dexter is 1/2 Australian Shepard, 1/4 poodle, 1/4 German Shepard.


Like most Shepards, he has loads of energy and love human interaction. When we got him, he was only four pounds, and now weighs in at approximately 65 lbs. However, he thinks he is still small and insist on crawling up on our laps like the other two lap dogs.  He also has a way of being a bed hog (according to Jennifer who shares a bed with him) and must each night before he goes to sleep, check to make sure everyone has turned in for the night.



Liahna Jewell | A New Baby Story |

After getting two positive test results for Cystic Fibrosis, this  little lady and her mommy got some good news the other day. On Thursday she went to see specialist in Toledo, to do further testing.  And the doctors found she is a healthy baby girl who DOES NOT have CF. DSC_4318

Her and her mommy are living in the Findlay, Ohio area and will be spending the next several decades living happily ever after.

Valeria’s Last Weeks In The USA – | An Exchange Student Story | Ottoville, Ohio

The first time I met Valeria she had stopped by with my brother (her host father) to ask about purchasing some chicken bbq tickets. Val is an exchange student from Sassair, Italy. At that time, her English was very broken and I’m not sure how much we understood each other. Since then, Val and I have spent several hours together and as we approach her returning to her home, I know I am going to miss her a great deal.


Like most photographers, I love working with  clients who have great  camera presence. Val has made my job easy and fun. But Val is so much more than a beautiful face. This young lady is intelligent and very sweet. She works hard at her school work and her grades show it. She also has such a tremendous love for her family, here and abroad. And as we are growing closer to her flying home, you can tell she misses her family in Italy greatly.

I don’t know how to say goodbye to someone you  have come to care about so much and may never see again. I hope her travels here have given her everything she has hoped for. And I hope someday, I can photograph her again. And maybe spend an the afternoon enjoying each other’s company. Safe travels my dear friend! Carry on.


Sparky Turns 80 [ A Birthday Story ] – Ottoville, Ohio

Our dear friend and neighbor, Sparky had a birthday recently. His family wanted to help him celebrate by throwing him a surprise birthday party.  Prior to his party, the family all got together for some family pictures. Unfortunately, the  weather didn’t cooperate and so we were pushed indoors to do the pictures, which wasn’t easy with being such a large group.


After the pictures, Sparky thought they were all going up to the VFW to celebrate  Easter (which was a week earlier) with his children’s families .  Little did he know, we were all there to celebrate his 80th birthday with him. He was quite surprised by all the people who had gathered to wish him happy birthday.


Once Sparky over came the initial shock of the surprise party, he gave a little speech and shared a bit about his high school days. He shared a story of how he had came to the conclusion to no longer play basketball for the Ottoville Big Green. Of course there was a girl involved. Even in his younger years, he was such a charmer.

Happy Birthday dear friend! We are so blessed to have you as a neighbor and friend!