Megan & Steven |A Wedding Story| Dupont Downs Fort Wayne, Indiana

I first met Megan at  2015 Bridal Extravaganza in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  And then again when I did her and Steven’s engagement pictures at Lakeside Park and Rose Garden.  Megan and Steven 0007

On their wedding day, Megan, surrounded by her bridesmaids and mother, she prepared for her big day.  Inside the skirt of her dress,she had sewn a patch from her late brother’s shirt to remind her of his presence through out the day.


After a few photos, I met up with Steven and his groomsmen at Medical Protective Campus where Megan works for some group pictures of the guys..


Soon the ladies arrived but before we could do any pictures of them and the entire wedding party, Megan and Steven had pictures of Steven’s first look of her. DSC_3439


The outdoor ceremony was held at DuPont Downs where the couple exchanged vows and rings.  Untitled-1

Immediately upon arriving at their reception the bride and groom had their first dance as husband and wife. DSC_5646_1

Then Megan’s maid of honor gave an emotional toast that left everyone in attendance in tears. Followed by toast by Steven’s best men. Untitled-1

Dances with father and daughter and mother and son soon followed and then an anniversary dance highlighting Steven’s grandparents who have been married for sixty-five years.


The venue was beautifully decorated with a winery theme. And the flowers for the wedding were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  DSC_5307

Congrats to Megan & Steven and thank you for sharing your beautiful day with me.

A Family Story | The Schnipke’s – Ottoville, Ohio |

The Schnipke’s are one of my favorite families I have the opportunity to take pictures of every summer.  Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know Beth & Adam and their three children Quinton, Gretta, and Henry.


Quinton has always been the responsible big brother. He takes good care of his little sister and little brother. When we did Quinton’s little brother Henry’s soccer pictures, Quinton was quick to show his brother how to pose for them.  Wise, smart, and athletic, I never get tired of snapping off a few pictures of him (even though the session was planned for the two younger one’s birthdays and family photos). DSC_2187


Gretta has always been a princess who loves soccer but also can catch her twirling about.  To catch a real smile from her, you better get her to giggle about something, otherwise she will force a cheesy one or give you a completely goofy face. Over the last year, Gretta has grown up so much and come fall she will be headed off to kindergarten. DSC_7141


I think Beth doesn’t mind  girl time with Gretta from time to time however. DSC_1904

I just can’t get over that Henry is 3 years old.  Although he looks so much like his older brother, he has a little orneriness of his sister.  His smile and charm are so captivating, he has nearly everyone he knows wrapped around his little finger. DSC_7066

When you put these three kids together, you get some of the funnest images.  I am never disappointed in my session with the Schnipkes!

Valeria’s Last Weeks In The USA – | An Exchange Student Story | Ottoville, Ohio

The first time I met Valeria she had stopped by with my brother (her host father) to ask about purchasing some chicken bbq tickets. Val is an exchange student from Sassair, Italy. At that time, her English was very broken and I’m not sure how much we understood each other. Since then, Val and I have spent several hours together and as we approach her returning to her home, I know I am going to miss her a great deal.


Like most photographers, I love working with  clients who have great  camera presence. Val has made my job easy and fun. But Val is so much more than a beautiful face. This young lady is intelligent and very sweet. She works hard at her school work and her grades show it. She also has such a tremendous love for her family, here and abroad. And as we are growing closer to her flying home, you can tell she misses her family in Italy greatly.

I don’t know how to say goodbye to someone you  have come to care about so much and may never see again. I hope her travels here have given her everything she has hoped for. And I hope someday, I can photograph her again. And maybe spend an the afternoon enjoying each other’s company. Safe travels my dear friend! Carry on.


Best Experience of 2015 So Far

I was nervous! I had never imaged photographing a home birth prior to Jess contacting me. But it was far greater than I could have ever imaged! I had decided to give up a trip to Florida with my daughters earlier that month as the new little guy had yet to be born. But I think I would have given up a trip almost anywhere to have been part of such a beautiful thing. I have been wanting to photograph another home birth ever since!

Watch and enjoy!  Home Birth Story

Barn Wedding Venue

I have had this dream for awhile now. A part of me would like to own a barn venue or at least be part of  operating one. Last evening, Carrie Mahler hosted a wedding for her sister-in-law in their family barn and I attended as someone who may pursue, along side of Carrie, hosting future events at this beautiful barn. Located off of Highway 14 west of Fort Wayne, Indiana, this barn is on approximately 6 acres.