That New DSLR [that came with a lens]

So you purchased that new camera!  And went all out and got, not only one, but the two lenses that came with it! You had to have that zoom so you can capture all the great football plays from your seat at your son’s game.  Now that football season is here, it is time for you to take pictures exactly as you dreamed. Well not quite!

I have heard the conversation so many times “this camera is junk”  or “I must be doing something wrong.” You become frustrated as all your pictures are either too dark, blurry, or both. Soon you will put that dream camera with the long zoom into the bag it came in and put on a shelf in the closet thinking maybe when you have the time you will figure it out.

And the camera stays there until your son’s high school graduation. Again you take it out thinking maybe since it is inside the bright gym, you will succeed in this must-have moment. And when your pictures turn out less than you had hoped, you are thrilled that the school photographer captured him getting his diploma. But in the back of your head you are thinking “What a waste of money this was.”

So what does that school photographer have that you don’t?  Well to start she has knowledge of her camera. Those numbers that appear in your view finder have meaning and without understanding them, you may find you aren’t able to capture great images time and time again. But also she has a lens that not only zooms but also is capable of zooming in without closing up the lens to a smaller opening.

If you look into your lenses you got with the camera and zoom in, you will see the circle of light gets smaller. Thus now your images are dark because there is less light getting into your camera. But also your shutter is slowing down and that will make your images blurry.

When the time comes to purchase a lens that will allow you to take pictures in those darker settings, look me up and I will help you find the best option in your budget. I would link you now, but as with cameras, what is available today, will be gone tomorrow.