Finding Back My Zing

 As the photography laid quiet for a long time, I had grown scared of being overwhelmed by it. I also grew scared to go it alone as Jennifer had become one kick ass partner in crime. And although I hate not having her by my side, I have accomplished two session this week without her.

I am working hard to find back my creativity. I am relying on staring at image after image I find online and in magazines. I am looking at things that had inspired me prior to Jen getting sick. And for new ideas that will unleash my brain.

Monday, it was my surroundings, an adorable little lady who wore clothes to die for. Yesterday, the wind, hair, and a skirt on a new mommy who looks fantastic having given birth so recently. As i watch the weather, hoping for a light rain to work in, I hope for even more creativity. Kids splashing in puddles and someone willing to play in the rain is not out of the question for me and my camera.

I have stories to tell through my camera again. And I am hoping to find many who will allow me to get my business launched again and tell their story. Hopefully in time, Jen can join me again. … but until then it is just me, my camera, and hopefully some creativity. I need you to hire me. Not only for financial reasons, but for my love of camera and my need to be creative again.


 I am finding back my zing!

Baby It’s Cold Outside [A Model Story]

Valerina hasn’t had to deal with too much snow since coming to the U.S. So the first chance we got, she had me out in freezing temperatures to do some model photography.  She told me it doesn’t usualy get cold enough to snow in her home country.  It didn’t take too long before she was ready to go back indoors where it was warm… and I wasn’t too disappointed in her decision.

Model? Yes please!

At a very young age little girls dream about being one of the pretty girls they see in magazines. They want to dress up in all those pretty clothes and have their hair and make – up all done up and pose for the camera. Some girls outgrow this desire to be in front of a camera. While others continue to love the idea of being the face of a cover story.

From time to time over the last 16 years,  several women have worked with me for just that experience.  And then this last March, I attended an event in which several men and women define themselves as models. It was exciting to do photography in which the person I was taking pictures of had practiced moving for a camera and knew how to pose.

I have since worked with other models and have found myself drawn into a larger community of photographers and models. And with this new experience has come a few women approaching me about modeling.

Ashlee and Shay spent a short time with me and we created some wonderful images for their portfolio. During the photo shoot, I gave them a few tips on posing and discussed their strengths and assets.  Hopefully this experience will help them decide if modeling is something they wish to pursue or not. If not, we had a lot of fun taking their pictures.

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Here Comes The Rain

I have no dreams of sunny skies when I am doing outdoor photography. Clouds make for rich colors and wonderful images. Add a bit of rain and a bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds and we have the makings of a wonderful photo.

If you ever want to me to take pictures of you and you ask for a time in which there are no clouds or in the middle of the day, chances are I’m going to deny you. But right before sunset or on a heavily clouded day, you will likely get me to agree. But without this combination, I can’t make gorgeous images like this.