A Family Story | The Schnipke’s – Ottoville, Ohio |

The Schnipke’s are one of my favorite families I have the opportunity to take pictures of every summer.  Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know Beth & Adam and their three children Quinton, Gretta, and Henry.


Quinton has always been the responsible big brother. He takes good care of his little sister and little brother. When we did Quinton’s little brother Henry’s soccer pictures, Quinton was quick to show his brother how to pose for them.  Wise, smart, and athletic, I never get tired of snapping off a few pictures of him (even though the session was planned for the two younger one’s birthdays and family photos). DSC_2187


Gretta has always been a princess who loves soccer but also can catch her twirling about.  To catch a real smile from her, you better get her to giggle about something, otherwise she will force a cheesy one or give you a completely goofy face. Over the last year, Gretta has grown up so much and come fall she will be headed off to kindergarten. DSC_7141


I think Beth doesn’t mind  girl time with Gretta from time to time however. DSC_1904

I just can’t get over that Henry is 3 years old.  Although he looks so much like his older brother, he has a little orneriness of his sister.  His smile and charm are so captivating, he has nearly everyone he knows wrapped around his little finger. DSC_7066

When you put these three kids together, you get some of the funnest images.  I am never disappointed in my session with the Schnipkes!

Brooke and Matt [ A Love Story ]

Brooke’s Mom made this wedding story very special for me. Upon my arrival I met Brooke’s mom who asked me right away if she looked familiar to me. I am not one to remember people very well, but I am very happy she was one who did. She recalled 27 1/2/ years ago we shared a hospital room when our daughters were born. My daughter was born premature and within hours after her birth, they took her to another hospital. At this point, seeing I was distressed from my new baby leaving, she offered me to hold Brooke.

Brooke has grown into a beautiful young lady. Her and Matt’s day was absolutely gorgeous. I am so thrilled to have been a part of it.


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